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You can order laser cut parts right here, free delivery on all orders. Please read the instructions below when ordering. The price shown is the price per part, the more you add the cheaper the cost per part will become.

^ Please choose the material type, available thicknesses will then update below.
^ If you want to change material you may need to clear this setting back to default to see all options.
Enter value from 15 to 2500
^ Enter the maximum length of your part here.
Enter value from 15 to 1249
^ Enter the maximum width of your part here.
^ Click here to upload a file (.dwg, .pdf, .ai, .jpg, .png, .tiff)
Laser cutting profiling, order your own laser cut parts online.
Cut exactly to your specifications on our 6kw fiber laser, shipped to your door in days or quicker.
6KW Fiber laser with Precitech procutter
Cutting table
3000 x 1500mm (Max cut size 2995 x 1495mm)
  • Quick turnaround, with express options on checkout.
  • Precise cutting to your requirements.
  • No extra charge for custom cutting or holes in your disc.
  • No dross or burrs to worry about.
  • No wasted time cutting or drilling yourself.
  • No order too small.
  • How to order
  • Select your material type: Please select the material type you wish to buy, this will then update the available thicknesses to choose from. 
  • Select your material thickness: You can pick from the available thicknesses for your part. Please note that cut outs must be at least 80% of the material thickness. With a minimum 2mm size. For example on 5mm sheet this would allow you a 4x4mm cut out smallest size. If your part has smaller parts, we may still be able to do it but please contact us first. 
  • Add your Maximum Length & Maximum width. This is the largest length and width of your part.
  • Select the units of measurement you used above, by default this is set to millimeters. 
  • Quantity in pack: Select how many parts you would like. The more you buy the cheaper they become each. Part price drops quite quickly at the start from a 1 off to just a few parts. 
  • Cutting notes: Please enter any cutting notes or requirements here. If you can describe your part easily you don't need to upload a cutting file or diagram. For example "Please cut me a square 200mm x 200mm with a 16mm hole in each corner, the center of each hole should be 20mm from the edge."
  • Cutting diagram upload: If you have a cut file such as a DXF, DWG, PDF or AI file then please upload it here for us to cut from, alternatively a simple part diagram can be uploaded in image form, please ensure this has all required dimensions on for us to make your cut file from. 
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  • About our laser cutting service.
    Our state of the art laser can produce exceptionally high quality parts to your requirements. You can order right here on our website with ease, then, just sit back and put your feet up while we get the parts to your door in a few days.

    As standard we will ship your order within 3 working days on a 48 hour courier, although often this will ship on a 24 hour service regardless. We also offer express upgrades on checkout if you are in a rush.

    Please view our Frequently asked questions tab on this page, as well as our Delivery tab for more information on what to expect from our service.

    We're based in the North west, UK in Cumbria and would love the opportunity to produce your items. 
    A video of our laser cutting a wall art from 3mm mild steel. High accuracy and superb quality.
    A video of our laser cutting 8mm stainless steel sheet.
    Can you powder coat my parts?
    Neil Bowen
    Yes, we have a in house powder coating department. As long as you parts has a hole or two to hang it from with metal hooks, then we can powder coat it for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with this service. 
    Can you galvanise my parts?
    Neil Bowen
    We do not offer this service at present I am sorry to say. We can ship parts directly to a galvanising company of your choosing of course.
    Can you engrave?
    Neil Bowen
    We don't engrave directly on our main laser, but we do have a laser engraving machine. This can engrave light or deep on all metals up to a maximum size of 154 x 154mm. It offers great detail too, please contact us if you would like a quote to have your parts engraved. 
    I don't have a cut file to upload to you, can you still cut my parts?
    Neil Bowen
    Yes, this is not a problem. If the part is relatively simple then there is no extra charge for us to create the cut file for you from a drawing. Even a photograph of a sketch on the back of an envelope is fine, just make sure it has all the measurements written on it for us to create an accurate cut file from.If you need something complicated designing then please contact us to discuss. As a general rule of thumb if you have 10-15 or less simple cut outs then we would class this as a simple file, above this a complicated one.
    What finish will I get on my stainless steel?
    Neil Bowen
    By default;6mm and below will have a 2B Cold rolled finish, this is a smooth dull grey surface.8mm and above will have a HR Hot rolled finish, this is a semi smooth very slightly rough surface.We can brush your parts, please add this requirement to your order if you require it. There is no extra charge for this.
    Can you polish my parts?
    Neil Bowen
    We don't offer polishing, or mirror polished finishes at present I am sorry to report.
    Can I get a VAT Invoice?
    Neil Bowen
    Yes, this should be emailed to you automatically once your order ships. If you don't receive it then please contact us so we can fix this for you.
    Can I get material certificates?
    Neil Bowen
    Yes, this is not a problem. Please drop us an email once you have ordered, or add this request to your production notes and we will email a copy over once they have been cut.
    Can I return custom cut parts if I change my mind?
    Neil Bowen
    Unfortunately this is not possible as we will have to dispose of them. If we of course have produced them incorrectly then we can discuss replacements or a refund as is suitable.
    If I pop in to discuss what I need do you have biscuits?
    Neil Bowen
    Yes of course! Please contact us ahead to let us know you are coming and we'll have the kettle warm and a decent supply of biscuits!
    The price for 1 part is quite high, why is this?
    Neil Bowen
    We believe our prices to be competitive, especially as most companies have a minimum order amount of £100 or more. There is a setup charge built into pricing for all orders, as you select a higher quantity in pack the price per part will drop rapidly. If you feel there is a mistake with our pricing tool still then please do get in touch to discuss and see if we can assist you still. 
    Are you sure I can just order on your website?
    Neil Bowen
    Absolutely! If your parts fit our requirements then we're happy for you to order online and sit back and relax. In very rare circumstances where a part turns out to not be suitable we will contact you straight away to discuss.
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    Hawkshead Metal
    Can collect
    Can you cut from material not listed?
    Yes it is possible please contact us to discuss.
    Cut from diagram
    Yes: Hand drawn image / image (must include all dimensions required for us to create a cut file from)
    Cut from file
    Yes: DXF (prefered) / DWG / AI / PDF / Others may be possible but please contact us.
    Cut from physical template
    Yes: Maximum size is 480 x 280mm for physical templates - please allow an extra 5 working days processing with physical templates so if you can draw it with dimensions this will be quicker for you.
    Cutting fine detail / Artwork
    Cutting limit: Aluminium
    Cutting limit: Brass/Copper
    Cutting limit: Mild steel
    30mm possible (25mm ideal)
    Cutting limit: Stainless steel
    Cutting limit: Wear plate / Weathering steel
    30mm possible (25mm ideal)
    Up to 3000mm x 1500mm
    Depends on material
    Laser cutting service
    Laser cutting head
    Precitech Procutter
    Laser power
    Laser source type
    IPG Fiber laser
    Minimum cut out size / feature
    80% of material thickness. Not to be less than 2mm x 2mm in any instance. If you require smaller we can probably do it but please contact us first. Example 5mm thick sheet = 4 x 4mm smallest cut out.
    Positioning accuracy
    +- 0.05mm per meter
    Laser cutting service
    0.5mm to 30mm
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    Delivery details
    All our products have a free shipping option to UK Mainland addresses.
    We are happy to ship items worldwide, most countries will be offered post at checkout without an issue.

    We ship most of our free items on a 24-hour courier service but we also use 48-hour for certain product sizes and weights. Upgraded shipping and processing is available on checkout from £8.

    View our full shipping policy here

    Order type A: Standard products and stocked items:
    (If you have any Custom orders, cut to size sheet or personalised orders as well, then your whole order will be shipped as Order type B below)

    1) Standard delivery - £0.00    
    Your order will be dispatched within 2 working days if stocked on standard delivery, almost all stocked items will dispatch within 1 working day however. Most items will ship on a 24 hour service on standard delivery but some heavy items or large items may go on a 48 hour service. 

    2) Quicker delivery - £8.00
    Your order will be dispatched within 1 working day (Cut off time 13:00). All orders except extremely large or heavy items will go on a 24 hour service. Some may go on a AM service on occasion. Typically items over 2000mm in length or over 60Kg will be those that do not always go on a 24 hour service. 

    3)  Express delivery - £19.00
    Your order will be dispatched within 1 working day, most orders on this option will go same working day (Cut off time 13:00). Your order will be shipped on a AM service. Some heavy or large orders may only be possible to go via a 24 hour service, and in rare cases only a 48 hour option is available.

    4)  Drop everything and do my order - £70.00
    This option is typically for custom cut orders to jump the cutting and finishing queue, but can be used on stock items. We will drop everything and ship your order straight away on the best shipping service available to a 10:30am service and where the cost to us does not exceed £70.00 extra over standard shipping. 

    Order type B: Custom orders, cut to size sheet orders, personalised orders:

    1) Standard delivery - £0.00
    Custom orders will be cut by standard within 3 working days, our average dispatch is between 1 and 2 working days.
    Your item will be shipped on a 24 hour courier where  possible, but it may go on a 48 hour one for certain weights and package sizes (typically 20-30Kg upwards or very long pieces over 1400mm).

    2) Quicker delivery - £8.00
    Custom orders will be cut by standard in 1-2 working days.
    Your item will be shipped on a 24 hour courier (there maybe a few exceptions such as very heavy items over 60Kg which will require a 48 hour pallet service).

    3)  Express delivery - £19.00
    Custom orders will be cut within 1-2 working days but prioritised, our average on express is 1 working day.
    Your item will be shipped on a 24 hour AM service (some exceptions may occur such as pallet items where next day service will be booked).

    4)  Drop everything and do my order - £70.00
    Custom orders will be cut within 1 working day, we aim to cut and ship the same day of order if placed by 11am. Typically with finishing and packaging timescales we find 60% of orders ship same day and 40% the following day on this service.
    Your item will be shipped on the best available service to 10:30am for the item size that does not exceed the £70.00 fee. This typically is a 10:30am service for items to 60Kg in weight and next day for heavier pallet items.
    Sometimes a AM pallet service is available. Please contact us if you need more definite time scales.

    This is a snippet of the most relevant parts of our policy for this product, there is more information on the full policy at this page View our full shipping policy here.


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    Who we are

    Among the peaceful hills with the odd ball of wool trotting around, we're buzzing away creating things we feel are special.

    Lakeland Steel (Laser Factory Ltd) is a laser cutting company based in the Lake District, Cumbria. All our products are designed and produced here. Among the peaceful hills with the odd ball of wool trotting around, we're buzzing away creating things we feel are special. We are just as happy cutting customers parts, or producing our own products. If you need some metal and don't or can't create it yourself, then we're happy to help.

    Towards the end of 2014 I spotted a stainless steel key ring someone had made on my social media and I thought it looked amazing. Almost immediately I thought, well how hard could it be to make metal items myself?

    After a few evenings of slightly over ambitious hunting on the internet I decided that I could just about afford a CNC Plasma machine. This particular machine was an air plasma and it uses compressed air and electricity to make an incredibly hot plasma cutting arc that moves over the metal plate.

    6 weeks later and the new machine was installed in a barn section a little bigger than a single garage and ready to run. It quickly became clear that an air plasma does not cut quite fine enough to make key rings and I should have done a few more days research! And as a result new projects were born that the machine was suitable for.

    The first item I needed was a drain cover for a down pipe cover on the old house I lived in. Nothing was available in the size I needed (12.5" x 11.9") so I cut one myself. Spray painted it with Black Hammerite paint and thought I may as well list them on eBay. Within an hour we sold one, and I panicked as the paint wasn't even dry yet in the make shift spray painting "zone".

    We've not looked back since and quickly ventured in to metal wall art which also started to fly off the shelves faster than expected.

    It was not long before we had to move to a larger industrial premises and the closest destination available at the time was in the west Cumbrian coastal town of Millom. This is now where we produce all of our products and house our machinery. Millom has a long history of metal works and although the Iron works are now gone we feel like we've ended up in the right spot.

    In a blink of an eye there were simply not enough hours in the day and we started employing some incredible staff and had to hang up the one man band hat. The team has only got stronger over the years, and everyone enjoys the process of bringing our creations to life. And I have to admit it's true that often someone else can do something better than you can yourself, even if it was a little daunting handing over control of parts of the process to someone else.

    Eventually we bought with the help of a good friend and new business partner our first laser and a much chunkier HD XPR Plasma cutter. This now allowed us to cut the keyrings that started our journey as well as improving the cut quality of all our metal art work.

    The next step was to escape from the mess and hassle of wet painting our products. We installed a high end powder coating booth, spray gun and oven. This gives us a better finish, and a huge variety of finishes too. But the biggest advantage, we can now paint and ship items the same day instead of waiting for a week or two for the wet paint to be dry enough.

    A few years passed of non stop ideas and projects before we upgraded to a powerful 6kw laser and we were finally plasma free in 2020. All our metals up to 30mm can now be cut by laser.

    Our laser cutters offer by far the best cut, and the machine we now use was an unimaginable dream back in 2014.

    Finally in 2021 we expanded into Jewellery with the addition of some special polishing machines, and a ultra fine laser cutter & engraver for the jewellery. It can only cut up to 154mm x 154mm in size but offers really incredible cut quality and detail. We've started making exciting new products here and so far everything we've been offering has again caught us out by selling quicker than we thought they might. At least we're kept on our toes!

    As it stands today we've learnt an awful lot and know how to extract great products, art, projects and customers parts from a sheet of metal with ease.
    Our quality, tolerances and repeatability are excellent, and we're excited to work for either a one off part or a bulk order of thousands of items.