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Two Magpies on a branch for joy metal bird tree art for your garden fence post or tree.
Powder coated, or supplied raw if you choose to rust outside to a unique rusty patina that changes over time.
• Buy 2 get 1 free! Just add 3 (or more) birds to your basket and 1/3 will be taken off the total
• Our designs are laser cut from 3mm Mild steel.
• Our stunning metal birds compliment any garden.
• Can be installed in fence posts, or trees with no fixings required. Just gently tap the spike into the wood (A pre-drilled hole may help if required).
• Made in the Lake district here in the UK.
• Roughly 325mm x 175mm x 3mm in size. (32.5cm x 17.5cm x 0.3cm)
• Individual bird around 140mm x 135mm x 3mm in size. (14cm x 13.5cm x 0.3cm)
• Zinc primer with powder coated finish. Or mild steel.
• 2 year no quibble warranty.
• 90 days return period.
• All our birds are in stock for dispatch within 1 working day. Most orders ship same day of order.
• FREE RETURNS - We will pay to collect your item if you change your mind for a full refund within 90 days.(*1)
About Lakeland Steel
In 2015 we started life in a small barn in the Lake district near Hawkshead. We had a simple CNC Plasma machine, with 1 member of staff and some spray cans. The first product we launched was a 150mm drain cover, and the first one sold just a few hours after we first listed it on eBay which was vastly unexpected as the paint was not even dry on it by that point!

A lot has changed since then with our Factory in Millom, Cumbria and our state of the art Fiber laser machines and Powder coating setup. We have a great friendly team and we produce a variety of our own metal products. We achieve this on our fiber laser cutters, powder coating system and of course with our own hands finishing items and packing them. This results in the highest possible product quality as we're using the latest cutting and finishing systems, and our hand finishing touch gives us a view on our products throughout the process for quality control. We're so confident you'll love our product, that if you don't you can return it for up to 90 days for a full refund.
Frequently asked Questions
Q: How soon will my order arrive?
All orders are dispatched within 1 working day, and we ship Royal mail 1st class by default (Or a 24 hour courier if over 1Kg). While we can't guarantee the courier will deliver your item next day, this almost always is the case. If you require a guaranteed service please pick the special delivery shipping option.
Q: How do I install my metal bird?
Just tap it in to a tree or fence post gently. You may need to pre-drill a hole to help. And use a cloth or rubber mallet to protect our painted birds from damage while tapping it in.
Q: I don't like it now it's arrived.
That's a shame! It's not something we really hear with our birds. However, simply open a return on eBay and you can return it for a full refund or buy another one that you do like :)
Q: Will this kill my tree?
In short, no. As long as you pick a sensibly sized healthy tree there will be no issues installing our birds. If you're still worried then you can always install them on a fence or fence post too.
Q: Won't these scare of real birds?
No they won't, we've had plenty of photos sent in to us from customers with real birds getting to know our metal birds. Mostly as a handy perch! So far there have been no reports of any Magpies pinching them either thankfully:)
Q: Can I have a discount?
We do run sales from time to time, but do offer a Buy 2 get one free continuously. This will be applied automatically when you checkout by discounting all 3 items by a third.
Q: Can you make me a specific bird?
We do take requests for new birds. However, there may be a small delay before we launch it while it's designed and we produce stock.
Q: Will the raw steel (rusty) one just corrode away?
Eventually it will, but that is a long time away. Mild steel will lose around 0.5mm of thickness every 10 years. So your birds should still be happy with their rusty patina in 20-40 years time.
Q: Do you make any other birds?
We do! Have a browse of our shop for more birds. We also make other items such as wall arts, signs, monograms and other animals too. Click here to see all of our birds...
Q: How can I contact you?
Click on Contact us page at the top, or you can email
Our other products
We produce lots of other products. We make amazing wall arts, garden art, sculptures, gun targets, and can even sell you pieces of steel cut to size or shape for your own products. It's all available here on our website so please browse our shop.
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Who we are

Among the peaceful hills with the odd ball of wool trotting around, we're buzzing away creating things we feel are special.

Lakeland Steel (Laser Factory Ltd) is a laser cutting company based in the Lake District, Cumbria. All our products are designed and produced here. Among the peaceful hills with the odd ball of wool trotting around, we're buzzing away creating things we feel are special. We are just as happy cutting customers parts, or producing our own products. If you need some metal and don't or can't create it yourself, then we're happy to help.

Towards the end of 2014 I spotted a stainless steel key ring someone had made on my social media and I thought it looked amazing. Almost immediately I thought, well how hard could it be to make metal items myself?

After a few evenings of slightly over ambitious hunting on the internet I decided that I could just about afford a CNC Plasma machine. This particular machine was an air plasma and it uses compressed air and electricity to make an incredibly hot plasma cutting arc that moves over the metal plate.

6 weeks later and the new machine was installed in a barn section a little bigger than a single garage and ready to run. It quickly became clear that an air plasma does not cut quite fine enough to make key rings and I should have done a few more days research! And as a result new projects were born that the machine was suitable for.

The first item I needed was a drain cover for a down pipe cover on the old house I lived in. Nothing was available in the size I needed (12.5" x 11.9") so I cut one myself. Spray painted it with Black Hammerite paint and thought I may as well list them on eBay. Within an hour we sold one, and I panicked as the paint wasn't even dry yet in the make shift spray painting "zone".

We've not looked back since and quickly ventured in to metal wall art which also started to fly off the shelves faster than expected.

It was not long before we had to move to a larger industrial premises and the closest destination available at the time was in the west Cumbrian coastal town of Millom. This is now where we produce all of our products and house our machinery. Millom has a long history of metal works and although the Iron works are now gone we feel like we've ended up in the right spot.

In a blink of an eye there were simply not enough hours in the day and we started employing some incredible staff and had to hang up the one man band hat. The team has only got stronger over the years, and everyone enjoys the process of bringing our creations to life. And I have to admit it's true that often someone else can do something better than you can yourself, even if it was a little daunting handing over control of parts of the process to someone else.

Eventually we bought with the help of a good friend and new business partner our first laser and a much chunkier HD XPR Plasma cutter. This now allowed us to cut the keyrings that started our journey as well as improving the cut quality of all our metal art work.

The next step was to escape from the mess and hassle of wet painting our products. We installed a high end powder coating booth, spray gun and oven. This gives us a better finish, and a huge variety of finishes too. But the biggest advantage, we can now paint and ship items the same day instead of waiting for a week or two for the wet paint to be dry enough.

A few years passed of non stop ideas and projects before we upgraded to a powerful 6kw laser and we were finally plasma free in 2020. All our metals up to 30mm can now be cut by laser.

Our laser cutters offer by far the best cut, and the machine we now use was an unimaginable dream back in 2014.

Finally in 2021 we expanded into Jewellery with the addition of some special polishing machines, and a ultra fine laser cutter & engraver for the jewellery. It can only cut up to 154mm x 154mm in size but offers really incredible cut quality and detail. We've started making exciting new products here and so far everything we've been offering has again caught us out by selling quicker than we thought they might. At least we're kept on our toes!

As it stands today we've learnt an awful lot and know how to extract great products, art, projects and customers parts from a sheet of metal with ease.
Our quality, tolerances and repeatability are excellent, and we're excited to work for either a one off part or a bulk order of thousands of items.